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Like so many Chicagoans, I am the product of our great American melting pot –the daughter of a Latino father and a Jewish mother. Yet, even with some significant cultural differences, our family was able to find common ground.

This early experience afforded me the opportunity to develop the skills and ability to build alliances across diverse groups, making me particularly qualified to lead a district composed of a vibrant patchwork of constituents, straight and gay; incredible racial and ethnic diversity; and spanning the entire breadth of the economic spectrum.

As a life-long activist, I have been involved in political campaigns, neighborhood groups, labor groups, women’s organizations and the LGBT community.

Additionally, my work experience makes me uniquely qualified to address two issues of critical importance to Illinois families: education and jobs.

• I am a Chicago Public School Teacher
• I have taught Bilingual students
• I enjoy helping my local community
• I believe Illinois’ budgetary problems can be fixed
• I want to ensure State Education budgets are well-managed
• I will fight to distribute State Education Revenue fairly
• I believe it is time for new leadership

I have been a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools for the last decade; I’ve taught 4th graders that were bilingual helping them share all their cultural influences; I have also taught middle school math and am now the school librarian. Every day, I see firsthand the challenges that teachers face. Because of this, I’ll fight to make sure that our state education dollars are used efficiently and budgets balance. I will also fight to ensure state education revenue is fairly distributed.

Before becoming a teacher, I worked as a union carpenter on projects all around Chicago. My years in construction helped hammer home for me that livable wages and healthcare are not special interests, but rather in the forefront of the minds of most working people in Illinois. It is critical for the economy that no one be excluded from high-wage, high-skill blue-collar jobs and that there is ample work for people in the trades.

This is a time of transition for our district and I ask that you support my candidacy so that together we can develop a vision for well-planned and thoughtful economic development.

I’m the right person to fight hard for city and state resources, offer selfless public service at the state level and unfailing commitment to education, balanced community development, human rights and just plain good government.

My credentials show that I’ve been working with diverse groups of people on a wide range of issues, including; education, neighborhood vitality, and equality for all Chicagoans. I will be a full-time representative who takes every House vote seriously.

You have an opportunity to ensure that our Assembly better reflects the diversity that makes this state so great. You’d be giving voice to the people of our district through my strong, grassroots-based leadership.

If you have the will to break the mold of business as usual, I have the chutzpah – y la fuerza – to do the job.

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